2013 - Emily and Julia Holtzman decide to launch The ScreenSaver Foundation.

2013 - The Foundation begins crowdsourced fund-raising to be able to purchase materials.

2014 - Working with Country Director Cherif Ndiaye, Emily and Julia begin their inaugural trip to Senegal.

2015 - The Foundation begins supply-chain assessment to source the materials for additional projects to Senegalese markets, thus creating additional jobs and ensuring the most efficient and effective use of their funds.

The ScreenSaver Foundation

Stopping the Spread of Mosquito-Borne Disease‚Äč

Foundation History


According to the World Health Organization, a child in Africa dies every 30 seconds from mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria.  The ScreenSaver Foundation was created by Emily and Julia Holtzman in 2013 to provide innovative low-cost, cut-to-fit screen windows and doors to help enclose huts and dwellings in sub-Saharan Africa, the region at the greatest risk of malarial infection.  Their pilot project, in the small village of Croisement-Peulh, in Senegal, secured more than 50 dwellings.

The ScreenSaver team includes Emily and Julia Holtzman (co-founders), Cherif Ndiaye (Senegal country director), and countless friends who provided the crowdsourced funding needed to purchase materials and establish a supply chain in Senegal.